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Welcome to HomeJelly, a home decor/design blogazine – the sister site to DiggersList (the home improvement classifieds) – with all the great ideas and inspiration readers have come to love since January 2010.

Edited and written by Skaie Knox (along with a talented group of contributing diyers, crafters and long-time friends), HomeJelly is jam packed with simple and doable home improvement and decor how-tos, design inspiration, green-friendly repurposing and refurbishing ideas, as well as the latest goods and gadgets for the budget- mindful home owner and renter.

About Skaie…

Skaie in HomeJelly workshop

Skaie in her HomeJelly workshop.

Hi HomeJellies…Let’s get Stupid!

ME: I’m Skaie(sky), a published singer/songwriter/editoralist and self-taught DIYer, decor nerd and home designer. I’ve recently discovered how AMAZING looking stupid can be and how it can change our lives! The ability to risk this in order for us to express who and how we want to live is absolutely liberating!

To be clear, stupid now means: awesome

…change approved!

I placed a blow-up tiger head as THE centerpiece in our living room. Now, that’s stupid!


I hope you’ll get stupid with me, too and feel free to try and design and diy your home into something that is all YOU! After all…

Stupid is as stupid does. 

FAMILY: The smartest thing I’ve done is marry my Energizer Bunny husband, Matt, along with adopting our 4-legged sons, Krinkles and Little Bear, HomeJelly’s NEW official “project foremen”.

Matt 'n Krinkles

My boys…Matt ‘n Krinkles…and, our NEWEST addition…Little Bear!

Little Bear 4th of July 2016 copy

HOME: We rent a sweet 1948, 840 square feet bungalow in Manhattan Beach, California, which has greatly increased in value since we’ve moved in and made tons of improvements these past ten years.

You’re welcome, Mr. Landlord!

MY HER-STORY: For the past 20 years, I have loved living my life as a published singer/songwriter  I’ve recently been signed to Fervor Records…hurray! Stay tuned for the release date and upcoming TV/movie features!

(Update: Gimme Your Love appeared on Bravo’s “Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce”, Episode Season 2, Episode 5 on 12/29/2015. You can stream the full episode HERE.) 

The self-titled 80s album from my band, Simplistics, was just published and released on Fervor Records…and it only took 30 years! Click in for information on how to purchase a copy!

Video shoot in Hollyweird.

Video shoot in Hollyweird.

I’m also a kid’s book author (Big Bug Lunch!, ASCAP/Splashing Mermaid Books & Music), animal advocate and a former national champion and ranked springboard/platform diver, professional balloon artist and English teacher.

You might say I’m a Jackie of all trades. Meh. I get bored easily…so, sue me!

BLOG-STORY: In 2010, I discovered my passion for blogging, especially about home decor and design by total accident.

Happy accidents are SO stupid!

I was asked to contribute a few blogs a week for our sister site, DiggersList, mostly having to do with home improvement, construction, tools, etc. To avoid going all Tim Allen, I decided, after a few months, to add a feminine touch and started exploring more decor, design and diy how-tos.

I was bitten by the blogging bug…and everything home was my DOC!!!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Since then, I have released a home decor ebook series called, Project Pillow, created a limited line of custom made peek-a-boo” lampshades, and have had original projects featured in Woman’s Day, Canadian Home Trends Magazine, AOL’s DIY Life, Disney Family and babble (to name a few).

This year, I was asked by HomeAdvisor to be their on-camera talent for their 2016 Home Hacks video series. A grrrrrreat opportunity for me to look incredibly stupid…challenge accepted! Here’s just one example out of the 20 videos we shot:


I was also selected as a DIY Star Finalist by Hallmark Chanel’s Home & Family show and had the honor of DIYing with Academy Award winner, Geena Davis and hosts Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare. Uh…hello! Talk about stupid!

Cue: patting of one’s back – which is SO against my Scandinavian upbringing…


Even more exciting! I am now Consumer Reports’ Social Ambassador and will be reporting on some exciting changes and products for their new home space. More to come on that!

Skaie at Consumer Reports headquarters

Skaie at Consumer Reports headquarters. And, yes…it was windy that day.

So, why should you risk looking stupid and GIVE A HOOT about HomeJelly?

Goofballs: me and DIY gal pal, Shannon Quimby.

Goofballs: me and DIY gal pal, Shannon Quimby.

My farm girl mom always taught me to “do what you love”, so that’s what you’ll find in every HomeJelly post: a whole lotta decor amour!

Also, I’ve had loads of experience not have loads of money, so I mostly blog about projects I can do for as cheap or FREE as possible, which is always surprising…attempting and succeeding at many home projects often requires jump-off-the-cliff courage, patience and the willingness to try!

Um, don’t be THAT kind of stupid…please don’t jump off any cliffs!

I share step-by-step projects that are simple and creative, give y’all a musician’s perspective on hip and current design trends that I FEEL and DIG, and only chat about things I find interesting, relevant and entertaining.

Remember how easily I get bored.

FAVIES: Just to give you a little sample, here are some of my favorite DIY projects:

Thanks so much for stopping by and for reading HomeJelly. You all are an inspiration and motivation for me to continue learning, trying and being as STUPID as I can possibly be!

Now, come get stupid with me!


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