Matt Knox

About Matt Knox

CEO and Co-Founder of and, ex-semi-pro hockey player, Sunset Strip rocker, and future owner of the Los Angeles Kings.

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    5 ways Apple’s iPad can help you as a contractor

    Introducing Apple’s new “iPad”. For those of you who are wondering what this means – or why you should care – as a contractor…the team at DiggersList has compiled a list of the top 5 ways we think contractors can take advantage of this new technology!

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    Sweet Pac-Man bookshelf for the 1980’s rec center champion.

    Back in ’80 – ahh those were the golden years – but back in ’80 I was the king of the rec center, I tell ya. The kids would come from all the neighborhoods in the immediate area just to watch me play Pac. And boy did I give them a show.

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    Homeowners Renovate, Hybrid Style.

    To continue on with our 2010 predictions, I’d like to project that this is going to be the year of home renovation…with a twist. Everybody knows that homeowners need to, from time to time, reinvest in their homes, whether it be upkeep or improvements, but ever since the housing market “corrected itself”, a couple things…
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