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This blog/website/shop is all about home decor, design and a little home improvement, focusing a whole lot on DIY/repurposing projects and interior decorating which is written, edited and curated solely from Skaie’s perspective. Her ideas stem from her years of experience crafting, decorating and designing (largely using reclaimed/found materials) with her family who were trained and competed in Minnesota’s 4H program. She’s also a singer/songwriter, which greatly  influences the many quirky, “rockers-don’t-follow-rules” design choices and ideas. You can take the singer off the stage, but never the stage outta the singer.


Privacy Policy

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Ads & Ad Networks

Throughout this blog, above the header, and at the bottom of regular posts you will see network ads by Google, and also ads by a private ad network. There is little control over what ads show up there – it’s just part of the deal with a network. If you see something completely inappropriate, please kindly let us know and we will try to block that particular ad. The ads on this site help to pay for Klunkers’ kibble (and now, some of his therapy), so please splurge a little and visit some of our sponsors, thanks much.


Disclosure Policy for Sponsored Posts & Affiliate Links

Throughout this blog there are some paid, sponsored posts with affiliate links of businesses personally endorsed by HomeJelly for the quality of merchandise and/or services they provide which we deemed in the best interest of our readers (and cuz they’ve got some really cool stuff!). Under the regulations set forth by the FTC, we have included, at the bottom of every sponsored/affiliate linked post, a disclosure statement indicating this fact.

All potential or future sponsorship inquiries for advertising or sponsored posts can be directed through our Advertise Page. This site will evaluate and accept content relevant and/or high quality products that would be valuable to the readership. HomeJelly loves our sponsors, so please be kind to them and visit their stores…tell them we say “hello!”



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Changing Terms

The author/owner reserves the right to modify, change, or add to these policies at any time.