Shelly Benkman

About Shelly Benkman

Shelly is the co-owner of Wild Horse Gallery in Overton, Nevada. She also owns an online store called Cowgirl-A-GoGo ( which features her cowgirl related graphic art. She started to repurpose things several years ago - first, out of necessity, then it turned into a hobby. She and her husband own a large property with horses, goats and dogs, and between the weather in Southern Nevada and the animals, the yard takes a constant beating. Because it can be expensive replacing things as frequently as they need to be, she started salvaging whatever she could and reusing them for other projects.

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    Turn a Vintage Wringer Washer Into a Garden Fountain Planter

    Turning an old wringer washer into a work of yard art is a surprisingly easy project. Depending on the type of washer and supplies, the configuration of the fountain and planter may vary. Supplies: • vintage wringer washer • utility knife or scissors • medium pot • large galvanized bucket • plastic bottles • metal…
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