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Blogs We Dig: Charles & Hudson

Fraternities, country clubs, knights of the king's army...this was my first impression from the crest logo of today's "Blogs We Dig": Charles & Hudson. Along with its topics insignias, there is a kind of authority that entices me to want to continue reading, clicking, then on to reading some more.

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How To Repurpose An Old Chair Into A Flower Planter

It's amazing what color can do to breath life back into something worn out and seemingly useless. Today's repurposing DIY project does just that and more. Bright color is the "hurray!-factor" and inspiration

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How-To Make Book Book Shelves

I've often caught myself doing the proverbial "eye-rolling" when someone misuses the word "literally". Well, not with today's how-to, because this literary inspired shelving project

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Blogs We Dig: ToolSnob

When we find ourselves in DIY-head-scratching predicaments or at the foot of a "how-do-I-do-it-myself" uphill climb to completing that supposedly "it'll-only-take-a-weekend" project, we can really use the help of an expert. Enter today's "Blogs We Dig": ToolSnob, a resource for anything do-it-yourself tool related,

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Garbage Gadget for DIYers

Invented by Jack Talbert, the "Portotrash" is a simple clip-on device that utilizes plastic bags for your DIY debris (or can also be used in the kitchen or crafts table). It looks slick, can hold additional bags inside the device, and is easily removable.

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How-To Create A Yummy Butterscotch Concrete Floor

The following step-by-step instructions show us how to paint a previously carpeted floor, creating a warm, "butterscotchy", leathery effect. This project just floored us! What do you think?

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