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Indoor/Outdoor Spectacular Spaces

Though, we all can feel the turning of the weather from chilly to charming, we're not yet into the "shorts and t-shirt" season. Today's "Design Candy" shows us a perfectly sweet and slow way to make this temperature transition with indoor/outdoor spaces that offers the "cake-and-eat-it",

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Cap Catcher Captures Caps!

There is now a practical and fabulously functional gadget that eliminates the "beer bunnies" typically left on kitchen counters, bar tops, floors, or even under sofa cushions.

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How To Repurpose An Old Chair Into A Flower Planter

It's amazing what color can do to breath life back into something worn out and seemingly useless. Today's repurposing DIY project does just that and more. Bright color is the "hurray!-factor" and inspiration

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Blogs We Dig: The Zero Waste Home

Ah, yes...it's that time of year to turn up our "awareness volume" and rock out for Mother Earth. Who then better to feature on our "Blogs We Dig" but The Zero Waste Home blog.

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Mmm...Moon Doors!

You won't find any locks on these beautifully mystical moon doors (otherwise known as moon gates), a traditional design element of Chinese gardens. As might be expected, every material used to build

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Repurpose Dresser Drawers Into A Veggie Garden, Part 1

We had a couple of old dressers floating around following a remodel and couldn╩╝t bring ourselves to throw them away. That combined with a lack of yard space for traditional raised beds lead up to this idea.

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