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3 Spaces That Take Us 'Far Out' to the 70's

We've all heard it from our parents, "Oh, THAT's back in style, again?!?" as if to say our taste for fashion had the originality of sliced bread. The challenge is that, according to legendary designer

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Room of the Day: Snow Cabin Patio

Daydreaming as I peer out my window, I imagine myself whisked away by my husband to the Mammoth mountains just a simple 4 or so hours north of here. The morning starts with warm buttermilk biscuits dripped in honey,

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10 Handy Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easy

My Uncle Joe is a 21st century version of a town crier; he is always choc-full of information, news, and helpful tips. He recently sent me an email stuffed with helpful household cleaning hints I just had to share.

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Basement Renovation: Let the Sunshine In!

If you don't share my unconditional love of musty and moldy smelling basements, and if yours could use some real freshening up, I recently watched a fantastic episode of "Divine Design" where Candice Olson, elegantly and simply shares her tips on not only freshening your underground space, but actually making it shine.

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