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Business Model & Sponsorship

A Video Creation Company for Home Brands 

HomeJelly is a video creation company for home brands. We produce media content and generate revenue from carefully selected sponsorship partners. Our mission is to offer doable ideas, inspiration and instruction for enthusiasts and DIYers of all levels.

We are accomplished, popular and published DIY experts with a keen eye for design and decor trends. We enjoy creating projects and telling stories about the best home products, services and brands with compelling video content.

Web Videos

HomeJelly videos provide doable and simple, step-by-step ideas for home furnishings, home improvement, tips and delicious food recipes. Each video is short in length with to-the-point instructions. Additional project details and instructions are available on the HomeJelly blog.

Blog Posts

Each HomeJelly post is written with a unique voice, professional photos and easy, step-by-step instructions. Included with each video is a well-written introduction about the project on HomeJelly, along with supplies list, clear directions and supporting photos. 

Speaking Engagements & Appearances

Armed with a degree in Speech Communication and a teaching credential,  30 years of performing, recording and touring as a signed and published singer/songwriter, (Fervor Records/ASCAP), and over 40 years experience as a DIYer – furniture building, refurbishing/repurposing, gardening, sewing and crafting – co-founder, Skaie Knox’ ability to engage, entertain and inspire audiences to live in and within their passion is one of her life’s joys and missions.

Her presentations and television appearances are centered around her life’s influence: raised by a Minnesota farm girl who was raised by a Minnesota farmer father who believed girls can do anything boys can do. From this, Skaie’s independent, can-do spirit was born, which she shares with audiences along with a plethora of stories and projects of do-it-yourself, design, decor, repurposing/reusing and crafting.