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Skaie Knox is a storyteller on a quest to provide sparkling content through copywriting, songwriting and video production. She is founder of HomeJelly,'s key copywriter, a published singer/songwriter (Fervor Records/ASCAP) and kid's book author (Big Bug Lunch!). For doable DIY video tutorials, subscribe to her HomeJelly YouTube channel (for link, click on my nose!).

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    Turn Your Wasted Space into Usable Square Footage: Dining Room, Meet Craft Room

    Wasted spaces…ugh. For so many of us, the dining room is a pass-through or its table ends up as a “black hole” for mail, paperwork, or homework, never full-filling it’s intended use for guests and family meals.

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    FYI for both DIY and PRO Renovators: Live In It a While For a Better Perspective

    You’ve bought your dream house…well, almost. Because of these challenging economic times, you’ve moved forward and bought yourself a reasonably priced house that has “potential”, has great bones, and is a-l-m-o-s-t the home of your dreams, but there are some definite renovations you’ll need to do to get it all the way there.

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    Moving Pods-Making the "Move" to Staging and Selling Your Home Easier

    Picture this: You decide to sell your home. You look around at the years of acquiring, collecting, and storing of things, things, and more things. “I must de-clutter!” you wisely say to yourself. You start sorting and organizing-selling, donating, trashing. You’ve done well. Still, your sister, mother, friend, or neighbor (umm…armchair stagers) says “There’s still too much stuff in here!”. Enter: moving pod…

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    Sunrise & Sunset In Your Own Room

    Have you ever seen an architectural star field in your own bedroom? You’ve gotta check this out.

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    Choosing a Wall Color-A Work of Art

    I’ve been asked by friends and family alike…what color should I paint my living room, bathroom, bedroom wall? Mother Nature has created a interesting challenge for us with so many colors to choose from, especially now that custom paints are the new rage. So, where do we start?

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    Basement Renovation: Let the Sunshine In!

    If you don’t share my unconditional love of musty and moldy smelling basements, and if yours could use some real freshening up, I recently watched a fantastic episode of “Divine Design” where Candice Olson, elegantly and simply shares her tips on not only freshening your underground space, but actually making it shine.

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    Do-It-Yourself Accidents-Think Prevention

    I stumbled upon a video montage displaying several on-site accidents of do-it-yourself-ers. As you watch, in many cases, the accidents could have been prevented. I’m often urging my husband, who LOVES to climb on roofs (via ladders, gates, walls, etc.) to please be careful and concentrate.

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    DIY Bathroom Fixtures and Finishes-Cheap is Expensive

    In short, it’s cuz it was c-h-e-a-p. Sorry landlord, but trying to pinch pennies on a new faucet install just cost you double the amount it would have been if you chose a quality faucet in the first place. Not to mention the headache of dealing with extracting the pealing, crummy chrome plating embedded in my fingers as I tried to clean it each time.

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    Drilling in the Ceiling with Basketballs: No Gym Shorts Required

    What could be worse than missing a 15 foot free throw, a three pointer, or a half court bomb just as the buzzer goes off, ending game seven of the NBA Championships? Well, actually…nothing. But, a distant second could be, to an average DIYer, the bits and pieces of ceiling dust and debris that falls into your eyes, mouth, and nose when drilling that 6-5/8 in. diameter hole for your canned lighting project, or when drilling a 1-1/4 in. space for your surround sound wires.

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    Selling Your Home: It’s in the Details

    When a potential buyer walks in the door, and the first thing they see are unfinished walls, exposed electrical work, or even blah paint colors (and even though these are minor repairs), according to Sofie, they’re an immediate turn-off.

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