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HomeJelly loves to represent and give “shout outs” to unique, reasonably priced, mom and young family friendly, green, and artful home decor/design related goods and products. This would include beautiful fabric, furniture, accessories, specialty foods, mom/kid stuff, personalized and handmade items, goods/gadgets and more.

Skaie especially has a keen eye for what is current and trending, as well as items and styles that will stand the test of time. With daily exposure to an ever-growing and loyal readership, your advertising dollar will be smartly spent on HomeJelly.


• 55,000 – 60,000 unique visitors p/mos

• 65,000+ pageviews p/mos

• 57,000+ daily viewers, 78,000+ impressions on HomeJelly Pinterest (423,000+ Repins on this Easy DIY Tricks post)

• Google PageRank: 3

• 900+ posts

• New and regular posts 3-5 days p/wk

• Active on Pinterest (9.5+k), Facebook (1.8+k), Twitter, Google+ and Instagram

Our Readers

Our “HomeJellies” are worldwide and are: 82% women ages 25-55 with an average income of $50k-$100k and 16% men who are decor enthusiasts, pro and self-taught designers, “do-it-yourselfers” and home decorators. They also loooove all things repurposed, refurbished and vintage cool.

Partnering Opportunities

Sponsored Posts 

“This post sponsored by…” is a fun and unique way to advertise your product, shop or business. Skaie will write from her point of view using her unique “voice” with the HomeJelly readers’ sensibilities and tastes in mind.

When applicable, Skaie will incorporate your product into a DIY “how-to” project, thus upping its value to her readers. This is also the best way to sell as it comes from a trusted source.

With that in mind, Skaie will only promote those products, shops and businesses that she loves and believes in and that will appeal to her readers. Each post will include an image and a linkback that will forever live on our site. Contact: [email protected]

Sponsored Videos

Videos are now THE way to attract new customers, clients and loyal followers, and with Skaie behind and in front of the camera, your product will shine!

Included in each video is a well-written introduction on HomeJelly, featuring a fun, doable demo/project idea and/or how-to using your product, one linkback, a “sponsored by” logo included in the video, original background music and social media blast. Contact: [email protected]

Product Giveaways

Skaie loves a good giveaway and will not only spotlight your product or shop in a featured blog, she will also give a daily shout from her digital megaphone to HomeJelly’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ fans for the entire week of the giveaway. Contact: [email protected]

Note: the giveaway fee is waived for active sponsors. Again, each post will include an image and a text-link that will forever live on our site. Contact: [email protected]

Sponsored Post Samples:

Brand Ambassador/Influencer: If you’re looking to create long-term buzz about your product or service, Skaie’s your gal! Because she ONLY works with brands she LOVES and believes in, she’s someone who can write and create fabulous and doable projects using your product or services in a way that will inspire and excite her readers (new and loyal followers) to take action.

She can work with you on projects monthly, quarterly or on a whatever-melts-your-butter timeframe. Contact: [email protected]

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Speaking Engagements & Appearances: Skaie knot only earned a degree in Speech Communication from San Diego State University, she was also voted Senior “Class Clown” – an accolade she still feels is one of her greatest achievements. Additionally, Skaie is a signed and published singer/songwriter, (Fervor Records/ASCAP) writing and performing for over 30 years, engaging and connecting with audiences through her compelling music and “deep-from-within-the-heart” emotional performances.

She’s also an outspoken advocate for living your passion through creativity and the willingness to look stupid while doing so. Home decor, design and DIY is in her DNA, as she was raised by a Minnesota farm girl who was raised by a Minnesota farmer father who believed girls can do anything boys can do. In this, Skaie’s independent, can-do spirit was born, along with a plethora of stories about doing-it-yourself, design, decor, repurposing/reusing and crafting. Contact: [email protected]

Freelance Articles: If you’d like a smartly-written article about you or your brand by way of a DIY how-to, feature piece or crafting project, Skaie can write one for your website, blog or magazine. Contact: [email protected]

Social Media Shout-Outs: There’s nothing more buzzy than a blogger influencer shout’n about you and/or your product or service at the top of her social media lungs! Skaie offers all kinds of social media mentions that can be tailored to fit your needs. Contact: [email protected]

Sponsors & Partners

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“Working with HomeJelly has been a wonderful experience. We asked HomeJelly to use for a spring home project and to share honest feedback of the experience. HomeJelly was very thorough in the research of our brand, providing detailed information on  what to expect as a customer along with featuring other helpful information about the resources we provide on HomeAdvisor. This type of attention to the detail is hard to find and we look forward to growing our relationship with HomeJelly in the future.” – HomeAdvisor

“Skaie is not just a very talented and creative person, she really knows her stuff; her creativity is not only inspiring but fun! Skaie helped develop Diggerslist, a wonderful material source for all homeowners and trade professionals alike. Her home decor/design blog, HomeJelly is the tool to get these materials into action. This is a great site to get inspired, have fun and learn how to get things done in an enjoyable way! HomeJelly is a very visual site that will always surprise you with very doable and attractive content.” – Karl Champley-Home Improvement Expert, design expert for HGTV’s “Ellen’s Design Challenge”

“It has been a pleasure working with HomeJelly to help promote the HomeRight Products. Our goal is to get our product in the hands of real users and have them share their experiences with us and our consumers. HomeJelly does a great job of testing out the products and writing the posts in a project format, which inspires their readers to take on DIY projects. It has been a wonderful partnership and I look forward to working with HomeJelly on our new product launches this Spring and Summer.”HomeRight

“Skaie Knox provides outstanding service in a timely manner. Will definitely recommend HomeJelly Blog to any company seeking to receive an honest product review through a reliable blogger and a great site!” Aquasana

Press & Praise

Top of the List Kudos

“Best Written Design Blog” finalist, Design Bloggers Conference 2017

Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show DIY Finalist

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• Best Home Makeover Blogs 2016: Top Influential Views

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